1. What is Energy Healing?

Energy Healing is based on a universal principle that everything on this earth, animate, like we humans, ants, birds, elephants, and inanimate like a desk, rock, computer is made up of energy at a very basic level. Everything has a vibration or frequency – some things have a stronger or faster vibration than others and are more or less dense than others.

The energy of a human being flows like a current, similar to electricity. When things are flowing we feel good, vibrant and very much alive and connected to ourselves and others. At times there are things that can happen to slow or stop the flow of the human energy field. When this happens we might feel off, not right or perhaps can even get sick. Energy Healing can be very effective to help reestablish flow in the energy field body and your life when it becomes disrupted.

2. How does Energy Healing work?

I work with people and the vibrations/energies of the body and the Human Energy Field. The Human Energy Field surrounds and penetrates the physical body. This energy field has an egg shape that surrounds the physical body.

Most of the time we walk around and live our lives and are not aware that there may be disruptions to our energy field and body. We are able to somehow compensate for them. But, over time, the disruptions/disturbances may accumulate and can cause more stressful and/or severe consequences.

Energy healing helps to clear these disturbances from the energy field and body and rebalance and reenergize people so that they can experience more vitality to move forward and create what they want in life.

3. What is Energy Medicine?

Energy Medicine is a term, which encompasses various energy healing techniques, including, hands-on, healing, distant healing, homeopathics and other alternative medicine techniques.

4. How do I know if I need Energy Healing?

Energy Healing can be helpful if you …

– Want clarity about a question or decision you are trying to make in your life
– Desire feeling more energy and vitality
– Experience a particular health concern
– Want to feel more balanced in your body and life
– Desire a deeper connection with yourself and/or others

5. How often do I need to get Energy Healing?

It is best to go by how you feel. If you have just had a session, you may need time to integrate the work that occurred. Notice how you feel and trust that you know what is best for you and when to schedule another session.

If you feel vibrant, healthy and you are creating the life you want that is wonderful. If this is the case, you may need a session every so often. However, if you feel stuck, unsure or perhaps sick or are dealing with a recurring issue or physical condition then regular session(s) can be very helpful.

6. Is Energy Healing the same as therapy?

Energy Healing is not the same as Therapy.

Therapy is a very general term. There are body therapies like chemotherapy, physical therapy and the like. Psychotherapy is usually based on talking about your problems and discussing practical ways to resolve them. It works at the mental/emotional levels, generally.

Energy Healing focuses in a very specific way. In an Energy Healing session, we focus on where the issue or problem is connected to the energy field and body and work with the presenting issue as an energy in the Human Energy Field and body. I use my awareness and often hands-on techniques to work with identifying and clearing the stuck/blocked energy. As a result, the person may gain insights and understandings regarding the particular issue they are working on from a different perspective (ie. the connection to their body).

Energy Healing works at the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels of the person by working on the whole Human Energy Field which encompasses all these levels.

7. Is the Energy Healing you do the same as Reiki?

The type of Energy Healing work I do is not the same as Reiki. I don’t practice Reiki and I have never studied it but the type of energy work I do is not Reiki.