Energy Field Evaluation is effective for:

  • Disease prevention
  • Illuminating unproductive patterns
  • Identifying personal strengths/talents
  • Revealing emotional/mental blockages
  • Gaining deeper awareness into yourself
  • Paving the way for rapid change to occur


Within and surrounding the physical body is an energy field which is referred to as the Human Energy Field (HEF). There are seven basic layers to the HEF as well as seven main energy centers known as chakras. The chakras are located within and around the HEF and are connected to the organ systems and the health and vitality of the body. For those who can perceive the HEF, it is possible to “see”, “hear”, “feel” these layers of the energy field, the chakras as well as the energetic patterns that are present in the energy field. These energetic patterns may contribute to lack of vitality and possibly ill health if they are not identified and cleared.

An Energy Field Evaluation session takes approximately one half hour to forty five minutes and during that time, Pia will discuss with the client the question or issue they wish to address as well as perceive information about the issue present in the energy field and body of the client. The client can ask questions/make comments as desired.

The information from the Energy Field Evaluation session can be used as an initial step for further work that can be taken into an Energy Medicine session.  In the Energy Medicine session, the particular patterns that were identified can be worked with at a deeper level so that they can be more easily cleared.

Energy Field Evaluation sessions can be done either in-person or long-distance by phone.