Pia Romano


Energy Medicine is one of the most powerful techniques for rejuvenating the body as well as maintaining health and vitality!

With over 18 years of alternative health and energy healing experience, I offer a strong, supportive presence and a specialized blend of Energy Medicine techniques. This individualized and transformative approach to healing will help you look younger, feel more vital and healthy and at the same time clear old, blocked energy.

My work addresses the underlying causes connected to an issue and/or physical condition. I am able to perceive into the body and provide a unique perspective regarding the key point of the particular concern which when opened and cleared will allow for balance and health to be reestablished. My work benefits a range of issues – from helping to create stability during stressful times to working with facilitating the healing of specific traumas or physical disorders.

Through Energy Medicine it is possible to move beyond what may be currently limiting you from looking and feeling your best, experiencing life in a richer more fulfilled manner and achieving more of what you truly desire.

How can I help you! 858-635-1200

Clients – in their own words….

Pia’s ability to create a healing space with clear boundaries and ever present support has permitted me to release false conclusions and wounds that seemed impossible to let go of especially as I live in France and we mostly work on the phone. Her patience and vision have supported me in daring to explore all of me. After every healing I am always amazed at the depths we have unraveled and every time I take a piece of that connection with me – becoming whole and happy in the process.The impact of our work has not only helped me care for myself and others but also set boundaries in my relationships. It is an ever growing experience but thanks to her I enjoy more and more being me and accepting where I am recognizing my own patterns without judgment and creating new avenues for myself and my family.

Vicky C., Paris, Fr

My name is Patty. I am 52 years old and was diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer in July 2002. Pia Romano has been doing energy healing therapy with me since August 2002. She has worked with me to release blocked energy in my body on a regular basis, either long distance or in person. A lot of this blocked energy was blocked for many years which probably contributed to my illness. Pia has helped me to work through the blocked energy from an emotional standpoint also. She helped me to bring to the surface emotional trauma I had buried since I was a small child. She gently walked me through this, which allowed my body to function better and led to emotional and mental healing as well as my physical healing. Pia is a very gifted person. She is extremely dedicated to her work. I truly believe that her work with me has contributed to my overall well being and healing. 

Patty S., Orange County, CA

I am convinced that Craniosacral Therapy has had a significant impact in terms of the amelioration of my chronic pain problem. I am most impressed with Pia’s professional and therapeutic gifts.  

Ken S., Poway, CA

No other method I’ve experienced has had this deep impact of healing. I’ve uncovered lost memories that are core issues affecting all aspects of my life. Working through these issues is allowing me to heal my mind, body and spirit. Energy Healing with Pia is transforming my life in ways I could never have imagined. 

Claudia M., Northern CA

Thank you for helping me regain the full use of my right arm. I injured my rotator cuff and I tried rest (not using my arm at all) stretching, heat, chiropractic, acupuncture and massage. All would help for a few days, but as soon as I tried to use my arm for normal activities I would feel severe fatigue in the arm and the pain would come back. I knew after the first session with you my arm would be able to heal. By the fourth session I could use my arm without fatigue. Your work is exactly what I needed to heal this ongoing problem. 

Sara R., San Diego, CA

I have been a client of Pia’s for many years now and am so grateful to have such a knowledgeable and understanding holistic healer nearby. She listens to whatever physical aches and pains are going on in my body, but also hears what’s going on emotionally and spiritually. Her healing techniques have helped me recover from physical and mental injuries associated with conscious activities as well as those experiences that I was not aware of. For anyone that has never had energy work done, I would highly recommend her to be their healing guide on discovering the possibilities that holistic healing can bring, a lasting peace and harmony in the body, mind, and soul. 

Linnea Z., San Diego, CA

Pia’s presence in her work, her gentleness, her generosity and commitment all shone through during my session, and I definitely left the table feeling different, lighter, and more at ease in my body. She tuned in immediately to my current experiences, and was able to reflect so much of what was going on in my life and in my body back to me as confirmation. I felt safe and fully supported as she did her energy work, and encouraged my own work in tandem, for what I know was an even deeper, richer result. It’s with complete confidence and gratitude that I recommend anyone to make an appointment with Pia. My session with her was a gift on so many levels! 

Teri W., San Diego, CA

First off, I admit that I’m a skeptic; I really want to believe in energy work, but it’s difficult for me to embrace something I can’t see or touch. Pia came to my brand new (to me) home to clear the negative energy and intuited some interesting and true information about the previous owner. After the clearing, several issues resolved themselves: the previous owner sent me a lovely thank-you card, offering closure on a tense situation, the movers who caused extensive damage suddenly returned my phone calls and agreed to pay the full repair costs and, most amazing to me, my feral cat who has behavioral problems and who had been hiding under the covers for three days suddenly came out, right after Pia finished, to explore her new home, wanted loads of attention (very unusual for her) and started rolling around on the floor playing with toys – another thing she never does. Pia fixed my broken cat and all of the stressful issues surrounding my new home. I can’t thank her or recommend her enough.

Michelle B., San Diego, CA

I’ve had energy healing sessions before but Pia Romano REALLY nailed it. She is a highly experienced, intuitive and professional practitioner who confirmed a number of physical and/or emotional complaints I had just by feeling out the energetic blocks I had in my body. She resolved those blocks powerfully and took away years of stress on my body. This in my opinion is disease prevention at its finest. I felt SO MUCH BETTER after our session! She resolved my constant neck and back pain and I felt more alive than I had in WEEKS prior to our session! Thank you Pia! 

Corry L., Leucadia, CA